PNW creative, Portland, OR native. Spirit Animal: Grizzly Bear.

Yes you are my sunlight
You are my last breath of air
I would try to hold it
I would try to keep the moment
Like a photograph of the sunset
Like a little kid with a bug net
Like a dying man, I swear

-Typoon, Artificial Light

We put so much weight on ourselves to be happy. To find happiness. We obsess, stress and burden ourselves about what it really feels like to be happy. Minds racing over and over about the choices we make and how they will affect our future. When in reality, we should believe that we can find happiness anywhere, no matter what right or wrong decision we make.

Society pressures us to find happiness, furthermore defining what happiness is. Painting pictures in our head about how we are supposed to feel and look forward to. Putting that joyous momentous feeling in a bubble that so many of us find so hard to reach. 

We are encouraged to be who we want to be and find what makes US happy. But, it’s not a race. It’s not a competition to be the most happy and satisfied in life. Happiness and satisfaction are different for every individual on this earth. We are fed inspirational quotes about the seven virtues, but those have even been romanticized.

Value inspiration in which you can find meaning. Don’t force-feed yourself what doesn’t help. Allow process. Allow your heart, mind and body take you where you need to be happy.

It doesn’t matter what you want 10 years from now, just focus on the present. The choices you make aren’t life threatening (hopefully). Take each step by stride and know that no matter what you chose, or where your path takes you, there will be happiness along the way. You can only be patient and hope to baby Jesus that you will earn the happiness you see for yourself.